Monday, December 9, 2013

Nuevo Pueblo Nuevo

So I got my transfer from Pueblo Nuevo to Pueblo Nuevo.  It is pretty funny that there are two areas with the same name, but I love my new area.  I did not realize how far away I was from civilization until this change.  I am now in a ward in the province of Ferreñafe, which is about a half an hour away from Chiclayo.

I love my companion, Elder Carranza.  He is a big Argentina, who is super out going.  He is from Cordova Argentina and is about to finish his mission (I'm his last companion).  All the members here love him and some of the older missionaries and his family call him Gordo for his size.  This week a family in the ward asked to take a picture between us because we are both giants in Peru.

The members here are so nice.  Every house we visit gives us something to eat or drink.  We had a noche misional and there were a lot of people in the chapel.  The chapel is huge, it is for two wards, and is two stories.  During the noche misional some kid gave me a huge hug and kept calling me uncle.  If the people here are friendly, the kids are extremely friendly.

Our Pension is a super nice older lady who we live with too.  Her food is so good, but we usually just eat a huge lunch and have a small breakfast with fruit for dinner.  The first day my pension said she couldn't say my name so she would just start calling me Elder Gringo.

There is a dog here that follows us whenever he sees us.  His name is Kisor and he used to be the ex-bishops dog.  It is so funny to see him waiting outside our door sometimes.

So I'm starting to feel more confident about my Spanish, I still can't speak perfectly, but I can almost understand everything perfectly.  This week I was asked if I was from Argentina, which just made me laugh.

There is a brand new Elder here.  His name is Elder Riddle and he is from North Carolina.  He says that he knows the Elders that Sam trained.  It was funny to see his fresh perspective on Peru.  He seemed shocked by the culture and language, it was funny for me to remember when I was like that.  I helped him a bit with the language and explained a bit about how the mission works this week; he had a lot of questions.

We have a member here named Pedro, who is stellar.  He knows a bit of English so we speak in Spanglish together.  He came with us teaching this week and his testimonies were so powerful.  That is what I love about the mission.  We can use any scripture to persuade a man to the gospel, but when some one hears a sincere testimony of Christ they know what the truth is, they just need to act.  The simple testimony of a humble member is and will always be more impactful than a large and cunning discussion.  It is through small and simple things the Lord will confuse the wise.

Te Amo
Elder Perryman

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