Monday, December 16, 2013

Eating Peru

So This week was great (again).  I have sweet photos but my adapter is not working so I will send them in the following week.  But the reason I put "Eating Peru" as the tile is because this week I learned how to make one of my favorite dishes, Papa Rellena with ceviche. Papa Rellena basically consists of a fried potato filled with meat and tomato. Ceviche is something that Dad and Sam would love, it is like Peruvian Sushi.  It is raw fish cooked in lime juice and served with purple onion and a bit of aji (spice).  It was all super good.

To answer some questions: The last person we baptised was Jesus Alberto, he is 18 years old.  He looks super young, but it the coolest guy. He also has a twin, Luis, they both wan to serve missions.  Christmas isn't the same here.  People don't go all out with the lights like the do in the States.  It is sad, but they do eat Paneton (fruit bread stuff) a lot this time of year.  All the missionaries say that Christmas in Peru is tough because it is so different and so humble.  But we plan on doing a lot of service to over look the lack of Christmas decorations and focus on the true Christmas Spirit.  Yes there are hairless dogs here, basically Peru has changed how I look at dogs.  My companion really is a gentle giant, but like all of my companions so far, he doesn't know any English :)  Which is fine by me because I feel comfortable with the language now and Latinos are generally more friendly than gringos ;p  But he does want to learn Italian so I might study a bit with him this transfer.

This week we had a devotional with President Risso in Pueblo Nuevo.  It was awesome.  The ward had a choir and I played the piano, I was so nervous to play for President.  One of the recent converts in our ward bore her testimony and it was so strong.  President spoke a lot about temples and the sacrifice that he made with his wife to be married inside the temple.  They had to sell almost everything to travel to the USA to be married in the DC temple.  He spoke about his and his wives conversion (they are both converts) and I know all of our investigators who were there felt the Spirit.

I love the kids here.  They all give my companion and I hugs and some of them call me Elder Superman because they can't say Perryman.  It helps me understand how Christ would always focus and give special attention to the children.  It is so true that they are without sin, I know that theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Te Amo
Elder Perryman



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