Monday, December 23, 2013

Feliz Navidad!

So I am calling [home] this week so I will make this short and send a bunch of photos.

So here I am cooking Ceviche and Papa Rellena with my companion.  I actually did this twice the past week.  I want to make this plate all the time when I get back.  Our bishops wife taught us how to make it.  I love our bishop here and his family.  He is short but super funny, and spiritual when needed.  He is the opposite of my branch president of my last area.  He always tells us that his house is our house.  He is super humble (his door is cardboard), but I love his family.  His son is preparing for a mission and comes out with us and we are always joking with his family.  I basically love all the families here.

I will be calling tomorrow, so that is all for now.

Hope you love the photos.

Elder Perryman

So these photos are when we went to the museum of Sipan in Lambayeque.  I love museums.  We took a cambi to get there as a zone so I took a photo to show how cramped cambis can be.  The museum was fun and Pedro, a member of my ward, gave us the tour.  Pedro is super smart, and he comes out with a lot when he isn't working at the museum.  He wants to learn at least 10 languages in his life.  He knows English, but we always talk in Spanish with each other because it is easier. He explained a lot of the culture and artifacts the ancient Lamanites, and because he knows doctrine he was able to tie things back into the history of Lehi and his decedents.  It was super cool and enhanced my testimony that their is evidence of the gospel everywhere.

So I have a lot of fun with my companion.  That being said we work hard too.  We had a mission night where everyone brought gifts to give away.  It was great and the members danced until 11 (we stayed only until 9 of course).

The young guy between my companion and me is Marlo.  He has a rough background and is always working selling sketchy propane.  He is so funny, and I hope that the gospel will change his life, because he has so much potential.

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