Monday, August 19, 2013

Estoy enfermo

Do not worry (I'm talking to you mom), but I am sick this week.  Apparently I am 1 of the 30 missionaries in my group that are sick.  Saturday night when we got to our room I felt super cold, which doesn't happen in Peru.  On Sunday I gave a talk and when I sat down I felt super bad.  I had a fever of 38.5C, I don't know what that means because its not in Fahrenheit.  Luckily my Pinchinista has been looking after me the past couple days.  Being sick on the mission is not fun, because I just want to go out and serve and learn the language.  I guess this is Gods way of slowing me down a bit. Anyway I am feeling much better now.

We have had a great week in terms of lessons with our investigators.  I feel way more confident with the language.  I have started to love teaching about the Restoration.  When I tell people that God loves us so He sends us prophets or when I talk about Joseph Smith I can feel power behind my words.  I know it is the truth that we have a prophet on the earth today, and that knowledge brings me so much joy.  The message of the restoration comforts my soul and makes so much sense to my mind.

We also had a multi-zone conference this week.  I finally got my interview with President Risso, and I was right, he doesn't speak English.  Also I saw Elder Coons, my CCM companion, there.  We talked for a good while and I asked him about his area.  He said that he bathes with a bucket, which makes me extremely happy that I have a shower.  President Risso got all the missionaries who traveled to Chiclayo KFC.  I had forgotten how much I love fried chicken.

A lot of other things have happened this week, but my brain is not working super well right now and I can't remember everything.  I hope that I feel better tomorrow so I can go out and teach.  Sorry there are no pictures this week, I have been in bed all day.

Te Amo,
Elder Perryman

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