Thursday, July 11, 2013

¿Qué en el Mundo?

I am half way through the CCM! It feels as though I have been here for an eternity already.  Some of the elders have started to call is spiritual Alcatraz, because it is surrounded by high walls.  But I know that the walls are for our sake and not for the people outside.  I am really starting to love giving lessons in Spanish.  It is really comforting having Elder Coons teach with me because he knows a lot of Spanish already.  A couple lessons ago our investigator started telling us that he is worried about faith, but I counseled him (in Spanish) that his faith was like my learning Spanish, it is a great process but it only happens "poco a poco".

We have new roommates, they are fantastic guys.  They are from Honduras, Chile, and Peru.  I gave them all some of my peanut butter (which they loved) and then I traded the rest for some stamps.  So please send me more stamps, and Peanut butter, once I am out in the field.  The Spanish language is great.  I love speaking with Latinos in Spanish and they attempt to respond in English.  Learning from and teaching one another is the best way to acquire a skill.  We have three language books here and the missionaries call them Nacho, chancho, y Eskeleto.  We have two great teachers, and one of them knows no English, the other day he tried to spell Utah on the board and spelled it "Yuta".  Also this language has a couple of interesting slang terms.  If you want to say someone is really guapo or lindo (handsome or pretty) you call them a churro.  It funny things like that make me love Spanish.

As we reach our halfway point we are starting to get into a comfort zone.  I am trying to remind myself of Sam´s email constantly that there is no growth in the comfort zone.  That I need to stretch myself if I am to grow and learn.  Everyday I try my hardest to learn the language, memorize scripture, and pray earnestly.  Some days are super rewarding and some days are frustrating.  The thing that matters though is the change I can see through the power of Christ.  I know that it is through him that we can make the most impactful change in our life's and the life's of others.  I see miracles occur everyday hear and I can see Gods hand ion our work.

I love all of you and I promise I read every email, even if I don't respond.  Thank you for all the love and support.

Nos Vemos,
Elder Perryman

Yes, he is that tall!!! 

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