Thursday, July 4, 2013

Poco a poco

Hola familia!

I love getting and reading everyone's email.  They are great moral boosters and it is nice to hear about what is going on back home.  Also can you please send me by mail (not email) a copy of the Voices of the Valiant.  I want to challenge you because this surge in missionary work, to find families for us missionaries to teach.  We are dependent on the faithful members of this fine church.  I love the Peruvian people, they help me so mcuh with Spanish and I help them a bit with English.  By the way Peruvians can not pronounce "d"s, its pretty funny.  The other night we were teaching the Peruvians tongue twisters and Elder Gutierrez came up one that goes something like "Perryman tiene perros, pero un perro de Perryman toro Perros, pero e perro fue a Peru".  Tongue twisters in Spanish are way harder, this one roughly translates to "Perryman had a bunch of dogs but one left for Peru."

Elder Christoffereson came and spoke to us on the 28th, it was a very powerful experience.  He spoke with so much conviction, it made me so excited to get out into the field (even though I can't speak Spanish yet).  Our first group of Latinos have left to serve in the field, I miss them already. 
Elder Ortiz, one of my roommates will be a fanastic missionary.  He has only been a convert for one year, but when he bears his tesimony (even though I dont catch everything he says) I feel overwhelmed by the spirit.  He really has a heart of gold.  Elder Ortiz has been working since he was 9 years old, selling fireworks.  He has had many jobs since then, and he told me that after his mission he want to take a trip to America with what he has earned.  His truly humble spirit has made a huge impact on me, I feel so spoiled for all the blessings I have taken advantage of in America.  Today is Independence day!!!  To celebrate they had a huge buffet, it was so good.  We also recieved a new shipment of Elders and Hermanas today.  They are mostly from Honduras or Utah. 
We went to the temple again today, it is so fantastic!  Though it is interesting going through in Spanish.  We take a cramped bus to go to the temple.  It feels like you are riding a rollercaoster and the other cars are always only about an inch away.  We also go out and shop around town every P-day, which is a new experience.  The stores are pretty nice, but it is weird seeing everything is Spanish.  One of the pictures attatched is of the Elders of my zone.  I love all of them and we work so hard together to prepare to server those in Chiclayo.  I know the Lord put us all together for a reason.  I know that I need to be here and I know I must serve.  I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon.
Elder Perryman

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