Monday, June 24, 2013

I have arrived in Peru...

Hola Familia!!

I arrived at the Peru MTC (it's CCM in Spanish) last night around 2am, it was crazy.  My companion, Elder Coons arrived around 4am at night so you can how much sleep I got.  Luckily on my plane ride here I sat next to the nicest Peruvian lady and she helped me with all my customs questions.  I was on a flight with about 12 other missionaries, but I am so lucky I sat next to people who were conversational (I even gave away my first pass along card on the plane).  Going through customs was very nerve racking.  Most of the Elders I was with are going to Bolivia so they already have there visas.  When I went through the lady asked how long I was staying and I said "two years" with a smile.  She stoically stared me down and said "no" and stamped my passport. Welcome to Peru.  The ride to the CCM was about 45 minutes and we passed the temple on the way.  The pictures I sent are of my window over looking the CCM courtyard and a picture of Elder Coons pointing at our area (he is also going to Chiclayo).  I love you all so much and you are all in my prayers, but sadly they only gave me 5 minutes to write.  I love Peru and I love the people here, I wish I had time to write more.

Elder Perryman

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